Flood Mitigation

In our coastal community, flooding is often a concern. The Town of Jean Lafitte is susceptible to high tides, tropical storms and hurricanes. Floodwaters can quickly cover main roads and highways during storm events, often preventing evacuations and rescues. It is vitally important for citizens to be well informed and take preventative actions.

During the last decade, Lafitte has experienced four major storms in varying degrees. We have proven that we are a resilient people, but we also know that as we rebuild, there is always room for improvement. This page is designed to inform residents on the many ways we can better prepare our families and our property in the event of a flood.

There are a number of actions that can be taken to prepare and prevent damage caused by flooding in our community

  • PREVENTATIVE – zoning, building codes, and other developmental regulations.
  • PROPERTY PROTECTION – relocation out of harm’s way, retrofitting buildings, insurance
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES – warning, sandbagging, evacuation
  • FLOOD CONTROL – levees, stormwater management, drainage improvements
  • PUBLIC INFORMATION – outreach projects, technical assistance to property owners

Elevation Maps

You can download flood elevation maps for your area:
Crown Point
Flood Maps

Questions? Concerns? Please contact Yvette Crain, Town Clerk at (504) 689-2208.